Best Affiliate Tracker Tools

1. Volumm
Voluum is a performance marketing analytics software for marketers, in-house media buyers and agencies. It allows you to track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic sources straight from one platform. Among its features, Voluum provides AI-powered tools for traffic auto-optimization and enables teams to collaborate on different access levels. Banking-standard infrastructure makes sure your data is kept safe and campaigns are running all the time.

2. RedTrack

RedTrack is a cloud-hosted ad tracking software to manage and analyze your ad campaigns. It’s simple, yet sophisticated and enables media buyers and affiliates to get better returns on their investments.
RedTrack is more than just a collection of features. The team behind it is all about the experience they create for their clients — prompt support, consistent service, hassle-free settings, and stable work.

3. BeMob

BeMob is a cloud-based tracker for affiliates, media buyers and teams.
This tracking solution has the complete set of tools to run your ad campaigns in the most efficient way: fast redirects, user-friendly interface, the extensive list of pre-configured traffic sources and affiliate networks, detailed reporting, and API access.

4. BiNom

Another good tracking software is Binom.
They position themselves as the tracker for professionals. And it doesn’t come as a surprise, because it is a tracker created by a top Russian affiliate.
Binom launched as a private beta and was used by an internal affiliate community. That means that since its launch it’s been tweaked to offer functionalities needed in CPA marketing.
Among the main advantages are the speed of clicks redirecting and the speed of generating reports.