Best Facebook Ad Tools

#1: Facebook Creative Hub Tool
The creative you use in your Facebook ads has a huge impact on ad performance. No matter how good your offer or copy is, if your ad creative doesn’t grab your audience’s attention in the news feed, you’re unlikely to get any traction.
Facebook’s Creative Hub is designed to help you improve your ad creative and build winning ads. It lets you:
Test video performance.
Create mockups of your ads before going live.
View an inspiration gallery of high-performing ads for mobile.

2. AdEspresso is another Facebook advertising tool that can help optimize your Facebook Ads. With AdEspresso, you can create, manage, analyze, collaborate and learn on Facebook Ads.
The creation feature of AdEspresso for Facebook Ads lets you create Facebook Ads in the most simple and convenient manner. You can run test Ads, create Ads in bulk and even get your Ads promoted through AdEspresso.
AdEspresso lets you optimize your Ads automatically. All you have to do is set the metrics that will guide the optimization rules. You can also auto-sync data lists from your CRM to Facebook using this tool.

3.Perfect Audience
Frustrated over the increasing traffic rates with the minimal rise in conversions?
We have just the right tool for you! Perfect Audience is a Facebook advertising tool that specializes in retargeting. With their Facebook newsfeed targeting feature, you can reach out to lost customers by appearing in their newsfeed and bringing them back in an engaging way.
With Perfect Audience, you create Facebook page posts that would lead lost customers to your website or target page. The easy to use dashboards that Perfect Audience provides, make the process of retargeting to conversion simple and convenient.